Just need to rant, had the most awful day waiting for surgery, waited 6 hours in waiting area. Found a different surgeon was performing my op, the anesthesis told me she needed to give me painkillers intervienously to stop pain during the operation! I got scared & said I hope I won’t feel anything!! Then waited another 2 hours to have the anti clotting injection. So eventually came home 7 hours later over tired & wide a wake. Now feeling crap, anxious that if I have to have any more surgery I don’t want to go back to that hospital.

Hi Zellah

It sounds like you had a difficult time on Monday with your surgery.  I am sorry that no one has responded yet, I feel sure that someone will soon.

In the meantime maybe you would like to talk with one of our nurses on the free Helpline, 0808 800 6000?

Best wishes
Digital Community Officer

Sorry you had such a rubbish time Zellah.I had a good experience with my breast op but hysterectomy last year was a very different matter .The last thing you need when you are anxious and vulnerable is heslth professionals making you feel any worse .I think that doing these operations is so run of the mill to the medical staff that they forget sometimes just how terrifying it is for us .Hopefully you won’t need any further surgery ??.