Hi there, not been on the forum for a while, just been trying to deal with things! My head is all over at the moment. After chemo I had my double mastectomy and inflators inserted, I had planned to have implants and lipo at a later date. However, after having my radiotherapy my right boob has been damaged - capsular contracture/scar tissue. My surgeon now says cannot have implant in that boob now. So, it looks like implant and lipo for the left and LD flap for the right. Has anyone else had two different types, I know this may sound vain and it isnt meant to be but I want them to look the same as much as possible after all have been through. Am worried that if I gain or lose weight my right boob will shrink or get big. I should be grateful still being here but am quite stressed about it. Anyone out there had the same experience and could advice me? Thanking you in advance. Lisa x

Hi Lisa,  I’m awaiting a delayed recon after an mx just over a year ago. I have my consultation tomorrow and like you feel a bit stressed about making decisions.  I do know someone who just like you ended up having an implant on one side and a diep flap on the other and she was happy with the result.  I hope this helps a bit!   x