Hi Ladies

I have had my pre assessment bloods showed low on iron but surgeon is happy to do surgery… had seed implanted on Friday all ready for surgery on Wednesday 8th I have been calm up to now but I am feeling a little anxious today. I have to spend a night in high dependency unit which I am not happy about but because I have sleep apnea and mild heart failure they need to keep a check on me. I just wish it was all over now so I can start the journey.  at 73 I never expected my last mammogram ever to come up with this but I have been very lucky that they found it. GOOD LUCK AND SPEEDY RECOVERY for all those having their surgery soon and those that have just gone through it…

hugs to all you brave ladies xx

Hello Shirleyemm,


Just wanted to wish you all the very best for your surgery next week.  I know you say you are not happy about spending a night in HDU, but look at it another way, how brill that they are ensuring you will  be well looked after. 

All the best,

Chick x

Good luck with your surgery on Wednesday xx