Hi Everyone

I had my surgery on Wednesday 8th at home now but have a lot of pain under my arm the surgeon said they cherry picked some the 2 week wait to see if they cleared the margin and to see if any cancer cells in nodes.

I am doing warm up and warm down exercises but my arm is still a little stiff… does everyone have pain underarm

feeling really sorry for myself right now hopefully the doesnt last long.

hugs to everyone


Hi Shirley

i had lumpectomy on Thursday and took one lymph node. I feel Im recovering well from surgery. The site where the lump was removed is pain free. The lymph area I wouldnt say isnt painful but I am aware if it. My underarm does feel a little numb though - does yours? I’m doing my stretching exercises too - seem to have a good range of movement at the moment.

im going to try a day pain killer free as I’m not in agony to see how I go. 

I hope you pain soon goes - have you been prescribed some painkillers? I was given codeine as well as paracetamol.

Take care and hugs to you.

Mel xx