Hello I’m wondering if any of you lovely ladies can help me to keep calm & focused I was diagnosed with invasive Ductal carcinoma on left breast on 19th of November I have 2 lumps and mri confirmed some cells also in same breast. It kinda turned my world upside down but as it was Xmas approaching I kept busy & quite a few meltdowns along the way & a couple of panic attacks I am using a meditation app which helps & my husband & grown up kids are so amazingly supportive.

i am going to be having a mastectomy with Diep flap reconstruction on Friday the thought of 10 hours in surgery is scary but I know this is the start to kicking Cancers butt. I am anxious but positive if that makes sense I would like to hear any tips of how you got through it & how you felt after so I’m prepared  ?

thanks ? Nicky Xx 


Hi pinkyfleur


It sounds to me like you have things well in hand, certainly relative to me. One thing that struck me though is that, during all those hours of surgery, much of which presumably is preparation, you are in the best of hands. It’s in no one’s interests to lose a patient! I’m phobic and all I could think about was what if I was sick! I found being completely open with everyone about my anxieties led to their bending over backwards to make me feel ok (and you can’t reassure a phobic, believe me). Talk to your consultant and anaesthetist if they visit you before the operation. Tell each nurse. They have heard it all before, are very understanding and will listen even when they are busy.


It’s great that you’re finding the meditation app useful. Otherwise I’d have recommended the YouTube videos I have plugged myself into throughout treatment. Make sure it goes with you to hospital. Have you tried Rescue Remedy? Some people find it helps reduce anxiety as drops under the tongue or a mouth spray. I was able to take arnica 30 before and after surgery and I believe it reduced the pain/bruising from surgery (mastectomy and full axillary clearance). Certainly I used no pain relief at all after the injection the hospital gave me. But check with your consultant first if you’re using homoeopathy.


I’m not a believer in the battle imagery surrounding cancer (it makes so many people feel they aren’t Up to scratch when things don’t go to plan - if we feel weak and useless now and then, so be it - in my opinion) but I wish you well in handling whatever lies ahead. I think you’re off to a good start, even if it doesn’t feel like it as the anxiety builds. Just remember, you’d need to be superhuman not to feel anxiety!


I hope Friday runs smoothly for you,

Jan x