Surgical socks ! How long for

Hi all
Embarrassed to have to ask this but how long did you keep your surgical socks on for? I had my op on Monday (bilateral mx) but had extra surgery after recovery because of big bleed and blood clot. I was discharged on weds and am pretty weak but managing little walks about the house. On the info I got from the hosp it says "you will be good when you can remove your socks " but guess what ? I wasn’t ! I’ve started to find them U comfy but a. Paranoid about blood clot due to issue I had. Just wondering when you all took yours off? Sarah

Different surgeons offer different advice…however,I wore mine all the time for first 2 weeks and then just at night for next 2…but,ask BCNs.

Hi …I wore mine for about a week following mx as I was quite inactive during the first few days following surgery once I was up and about I removed them but I don’t remember getting any advice about it. Just a little note …keep hold of them they come in handy when you travel, my oncologist suggested wearing them when I flew to Lanzarote at Christmas because of increased risk of dvt whilst on Tamoxifen xx

sarah I was told 2 weeks they gave me an extra pair so I had one to wash and one to wear hugs Sandra

Thx all - it seems such a trivial question but the sort of thing that winds up dwelling in the mind !! Good advice re keeping for travel - the idea of ever being able to go on holiday again is encouraging ! I’ll keep them on … District nurse removing drain todAy ? so hope to be more mobile generally after that x will check with bcns x sarah

Yeh indeed rose xx bit queezy but totally euphoric feel like on more step xxxx bCN phoned me today just to check how I was and suggested one more week as I should b taking it easy but not to worry too much if I was up and about - I’m being well looked after as district nurse popping back next week so I can cancel my planned visit to gp surgery - quite a relief as don’t want to go anywhere I can catch stuff right now !!

I kept mine on for about 2 weeks in total. Once I was more mobile during the day, about day 8, I just wore mine at night. I found them so uncomfortable and couldn’t wait to get them off. Every day you will feel a bit stronger. It’s a slow but steady road to recovery. Look after yourself and get well soon. X

It’s amazing how different all the info is everywhere !! Cazz and keep nothing to worry about as you are both still here - lol xxxx