Surprise Diagnosis

I don’t even know what to put on this. 

I found a lump a wee while ago, didn’t really think anything of it, I went to the GP expecting them to tell me its something miniscule. Even after being referred to the breast clinic there were no concerns from the nurses. I had a biopsy taken as I am over 25 as a precaution. 

2 weeks later, I get told I have breast cancer.

I don’t know how to feel or act. I’ve told everyone I’ve needed to and I think my reaction has been more calmer than most others. 

I don’t have kids and never really thought that something like this would take that option away from me. 

Just seem stuck in my head and I can’t get out. 


Hi, I am so sorry you have joined us in our club but you will find lots of support to help you through. The diagnosis is hard enough when you’re expecting it but even harder when taken by surprise.

you sound numb and still in disbelief at the moment but don’t be surprised if you experience different emotions during the next few weeks and months, sometimes even in one day.

usually once you know more about size, hormone positive or negative, treatment plans… your head settles to a more steady place though (sorry you may have to learn a whole new language of grades, stages, HER status…along the way).

Give yourself time to let your head catch up, try not google because there is really old and untrue info on there), come back here as you need (the nurses can help with support too) and keep in mind that many many people with breast cancer go on to live perfectly full and long lives.

big hugs


Isn’t the shock terrible? I was in denial for ages - no, it’s a problem with the machine, not me, or they have the wrong person, or anything! It can’t be me.

You will probably feel this weird disconnected shock for a while. As the appointments start coming thick and fast it will be more real and you will begin the recovery adventure.

Ask all the questions you need - even keep asking them over again - I sometimes ask a question and the answer goes completely out of my head. Difficult when we have to face a lot of this on our own due to Covid restrictions.

Good luck with getting started - you will soon find yourself becoming an expert on breast cancer (whether you want to or not!)

Hello @dougie94  

So sorry you find yourself in this club, it’s all very bewildering and processing all the emotions, asking and answering lots and lots of questions you never imagined being asked. 
The good news is the breast cancer community is absolutely amazing there is lots and lots of support around both virtually and in real life. If you use Instagram there is some really helpful information on there: tickingoffbreastcancer and futuredreams are great as is Dr Liz O’Riordan (a former breast cancer surgeon whose had breast cancer herself twice) Dr Annice Mukherjee (the.hormone.doc) another doctor whose had breast cancer herself 

There are lots of breast cancer support groups available through MacMillan and Maggie’s 

Please don’t be afraid to reach out here on the forums: we are here for you

AM xxx

Sounds a shock as well as a surprise. I had my head in the sand, but at least I had it checked out. You have done the right thing. Now is the time to focus on yourself, I tried finding out about whether I could have children or not. They said wait five years! Not what I wanted to hear as I was getting on in years.

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