Survey about treatment pathways by Imperial College London

We are supporting this survey sent to us by Mr Daniel R Leff from Imperial College and Miss Jenny Rusby from Royal Marsden. The survey is seeking respondents who have had mastectomy, breast reconstruction and radiotherapy. 

Our teams at Imperial and the Royal Marsden Hospitals are applying for funding to run a study called PRADA-II which is investigating the sequence of surgery and radiotherapy, in the hope of showing the pre-operative radiotherapy improves the outcome of breast reconstructive surgery (satisfaction) well being (quality of life) and patient journey time (health economics), when compared to radiotherapy given after mastectomy to the reconstruction.

Our study design has already been influenced by a small number of patient co-designers, but the funders (National Institute of Healthcare Research) would like more information about how a larger group of women views this research question before making a final decision. 

We are therefore seeking views of patients that have had mastectomy, breast reconstruction and radiotherapy. We ask questions based on your experience as to your treatment journey and quality of reconstruction in light of radiotherapy and whether you see the value in reversing the sequence (that is to have radiotherapy before the mastectomy). 

We will take 5-10 minutes to complete our survey. 

Access survey here:

Your help will enable us to put the strongest case to NIHR to support this study. 

Many thanks for your time, help and support.

Yours Sincerely

Mr Daniel R Leff (Consultant Breast Surgeon at Imperial College) 

Miss Jenny Rusby (Consultant Breast Surgeon at the Royal Marsden)