Surviving on your own

I’m a widow with no family and I live in a small town.  In the street where Iive almost everyone goes out to work.  I found a lump in December and went into auto pilot, ‘let’s get this sorted and worry about this when I have to’.  I had a mastectomy in January and fortunately the cancer hadn’t spread.

It would be good to discuss some of the issues that I haven’t had chance to air with others in a similar situation. 

Hi @Milly15  - I’ve just read your post and wondered what sort of issues you wanted to air - is it to do with the mastectomy/treatment or living alone? I had a mastectomy about 5 years ago and happy to chat about that angle if that helps - but I may have misunderstood your post. Or I’m happy to listen if you just want to offload. Best wishes, Evie xx

Hi Milly,

I also live on my own and when I was diagnosed with breast cancer in December 2021 I found it hard to come to terms with.

I have two operations to remove the lump as there was not enough margin taken in the first operation and also had the sentinel lymph gland removed as there were traces of cancer there as well.

I had a week of radiotherapy and now I’m out on my own and feel very isolated.I do have two daughters but they have their own issues and have the attitude that I had cancer and now it’s gone so get on with life.My eldest daughter has had part of a kidney removed due to cancer and seems to be managing better than me but she has 5 children and a very full life.

Loneliness is a killer and allows too much time for thinking.

I do hope you have some friends to confide in but like me you probably tend to bottle it up .