Suspected BC spread in the lung- so anxious

Good afternoon everyone,

Just wondering if anyone can identify with my situation.  I am out of my mind with worry not knowing what the future holds…

On the 4th of August I received my recall letter. Long story short after the agonising “waiting game” - biopsies, scans. bloods etc I have now discovered I have lung nodules which they feel may be related to my BC.   I have a positive node, G3 invasive in my right breast along with 2 areas of DCIS.  I was due to have a masectomy in November, chemo may or not have followed.  Have been on letrozole for nearly 4 weeks. All this came to light from routine screening and I nearly did not get my appt as my surgery was not being called until next year due to the delay - post covid.

Unsure if anyone can identify with this scenario…they cannot do a biopsy on the nodules in the lung so are now treating me with potential targeted therapy (maybe CDK4)- surgery is delayed.  My head is all over the place- guess my oncology appt will clarify things further…

I’m pretty sure lung nodules can be caused by other things , once you have a breast cancer diagnosis they are immediately suspicious of anything , it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s secondary breast cancer but obviously they have to investigate  . What is your Oncologist saying about your diagnosis ?

I was told there were suspicious hot spots in my bones and an MRI said suspicious lesions in my spine , I was terrified for 3 months whilst they tried to work out what was going on eventually I was diagnosed with a rare bone condition so it’s not always the case that this means cancer .

I hope you get good news