Suspicious cytology results of nipple discharge

Hi Everyone

I went for my results today, confident that the results were going to be negative, as at my last appointment 2 weeks ago, there was nothing new on the mamogram or ultra sound. The consultant said she was 99.9% sure nothing serious was going on and expected the slides to come back negative, despite me telling her my concerns about the hot iron kind of pain i get and the fact the ultra sound was carried out around my nipple area and not where i said the pain is. She reassured me, to a certain degree and this morning i turned up expecting to be told its nothing. Shocked and speechless, i was when they told me the cytology was suspicious and that i need a hadfields operation.

My operation is on the 11th December as my mamogram was clear, so not urgent, however i am worried as the ultra sound they did covered just my nipple area, they didn’t ultra sound the side of my breast or near my armpit, where i am getting the red hot burning pain and where i feel the breast has changed. I can’t help feeling something may have been missed as the consultant said herself, i have dense breast tissue. What my question is, does anyone know, if there was anything sinister there, would it reflect in the breast discharge and would it be detected in this hatfield operation? The consultant said today he cant be sure if i have a benign condition like a papaloma? Or invasive breast cancer. The results revealed blood stained discharge and other factors for concern that he didn’t go into. I wasn’t expecting this, this morning i couldn’t think of any questions, now i have loads.

Thank you xx

Hi Helen

Please feel free to call our helpliners to talk through the concerns and queries you have after todays results, lines are open 9-5 weekdays and 10-2 Saturdays on 0808 800 6000

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Lucy BCC

Hi Lucy,

Thank you for the message, I think i will give them a call tomorrow. The 11th December feels so far away and i do not think i can keep all my questions until then.xx

Hi can I ask how you whent on with this iv had same experience

Hi Clarekin, under the microscope there was blood in the discharge from my nipples so further investigation was needed. I had the Hadfield procedure to both sides, one side in Dec 2013 and the other Oct 2014. Both sides diagnosed with duct ectasia. It took a while to heel and things to settle but since then have had no problems with discharge. My right nipples has been left inverted but that was the worst side before surgery and tended to invert anyway. Hope you get sorted xx