Suspiscious Lump

Hi there I’m new to this site (I literally just joined)and I have a question for anyone out there who maybe able to help me. 8 days ago I found a small lump in my right armpit, it is painless, hard and immobile and the area around it is slightly swollen also I have noticed that the areola on my right breast is darker than the areola on my left breast, again only slightly but it’s noticeable. I have looked for advice on a several websites all of which say that if the lump doesn;t show signs of going after two weeks (some sites say more) then I should visit my doctor. Does anyone have any idea what it might be?

Hi KJC75

Its best to get any lump or breast change refured by your GP. Try get in on Monday it could be a number of things but your just going to worry yourself silly if you leave it. Atleast if you are refered to the breast clinic they will do all the relevant checks, & then you will know one way or the other what is wrong

All the best & keep us posted
Mekala x

I wouldn’t wait to see if it disappears in two weeks. I would call the docs on Monday and get an appointment as soon as possible. They will be able to tell you if they think it is anything suspicious and refer you if necessary. This could save you weeks of worrying
Good luck and I hope there is a simple answer

Thanks guys I’m doing my best not to let it worry me or get me down, i do have my period at moment and did want to make sure it was nothing to do with that although i will admit I’ve never had lumps before when I’ve had a period. I will make an appointment to see my GP on Monday and see what she says.

yes another vote here for get it checked as soon as possible. Most lumps turn out not to be cancer, but they could still be something that needs treatment.

Ring your doctor first thing monday(you might be surprised how early they open, mine starts at 8.00) tell the receptionist you have a lump and nipple change and they will bump you up the appointment list and get you seen realy quickly. Before you ring think about how feasible it is to take time off from work or your family on Monday. some surgeries offer same day emergancy appointments.

Dont panic if you get an urgent referal to a clinic, most doctors are ultra cautious now and do this if they are not at all sure what is happening. So before you got to the GP you might want to have a look on the websites of the hospitals near you. See what they say about the facilites, some have one stop clinics that can do everything on the same day, and personally I think its worth travelling a bit furthur for that. If your doctor does decide to get you checked out a bit more closely you have a right to ask to be sent to the hospital of your choice aas long as its not out of the area.

I was looking for a center of excellance but we dont have one locally but i did find a hospital with a great web site about what the clinic was about and what extra councilling and physio and holistic things they offered breast cancer patients so I asked to be sent to them and am glad I did.

even if your GP thinks its nothing & doesn’t seem that bothered about refering you INSIST you be refered if GP’s were experts they’d be working as breast consultants in the clinics

keep us posted
Mekala x

Hi there just a quick update. I’ve managed to get an appointment at the docs but its not til Tues 12th July. The 2 main docs are on holiday and there are no appointments left before then I told the receptionist what it was about and it didn’t make any difference so I’ll just have to wait till next week I still have the lump even though my period finished last 5 days ago and my right Areola is still darker than my left one I have also noticed and not sure if its relevant that my nipple tips are bit on the crusty side. Either way I’ll find out what the doctor thinks next week but must admit now i am getting a little worried as I’ve never had this problem before (with the exception of a cyst on the palm of my hand when i was a child and a cyst behind my ear in my early 20s both of which were above the surface of my skin and were also sore). Other than that I have never found a lump anywhere else on my body which didnt have a good reason for being there either when I’ve been on my period or not. I have done a breast self examination and can’t feel any other strange lumps or bumps and have also had my mum have a look to see if she can see anything odd about my breasts beside my odd coloured areolas. My breasts aren’t sore and there is no visible rash but i have found some slight skin dimpling which i have had for a while and have always thought may be cellulite as I’ve put quite a bit of weight on over the last 12 months o so. Anyway I’ll see what the doctor says and will keep you posted.

Well I’ve been to doctors today and had a full breast exam. She can’t feel anything unusual in my breast and thinks the lump in my armpit is nothing to worry about. I’ve been sent home with antibiotics and been told to leave it another week before I start taking them to give the lump time to go down on its own. Once I’ve taken the antibiotics If the lump hasn’t gone or I find any other problems I have to go bk to see her.

that must be a relief. glands in the armpits do swell up if you have an infection, thats there job. Hopefully by next week everything will be back to normal.

thats good news :slight_smile: