Sussex Secondaries Lunch

An invitation to anyone with secondary cancer to join us for lunch on Wednesday 24th July.
We are a small group (core of 4) who meet about every 6 weeks for lunch/tea/coffee…We have a moan, we support each other and we laugh!
If you would like to join us please don’t be shy, come along.
Next meeting as I said is on Wednesday 24th July 1 o’clock at the West Quay pub in Brighton Marina. Looking forward to meeting new people Julie xx

Bringing this to the top for JulieD

Jo, Moderator

Thanks Jo!
Anyone interested please feel free to comment here or PM me if you prefer.

Hi I am new to the site although I have been reading posts for a while. I would like to come to the lunch next Wednesday. My only problem is I have an appointment with my onc at 11.30 am so provided he doesn’t keep me too long I will be there.

looking forward to lunch…will be lovely to meet new faces.

L xx

I’ll be there. Looking forward to it. Is Gel coming? Peony don’t worry about being a bit late. We’re generally there for a couple of hours.

Peony, as Lemongrove says, please don’t let being late put you off, we take for ever getting lunch ordered as we’re normally too busy chatting!! Will be lovely to have additional people joining us, so please do come if you can.
No Gel won’t be there but nor will Joanna but Mags will and possibly one or two of the Kent girls.
Looking forward to meeting up with old and new

Just bumping in case anyone has missed it.

Hi Julie,

I’m booking my ticket as I chat. Its been far to long and I’m really looking forward to meeting up. I’ll be in touch with the other ladies to see if they want to come along.

Take care ladies.

See you soon
Chris x

Will be great to see you Chris! Heard from Carol and she says she’s coming with you, will be nice to meet her.
Everybody welcome, if you feel you are close enough to get here please feel free to join us.
Ratsypan, brightnell, Peoney would be lovely to meet you, don’t be shy come and join us if you’re free.
See you next week xx

Yes Julie, I’m really looking forward to seeing you all. Trixie’s coming too so it’ll be a nice gathering :slight_smile: xx

Just bumping to the top

Just bumping to the top

It’s on my calendar but I have just had an op to remove fluid from between my skull and brain so may not be fit enough. i hope to be there but if not, definitely the next!

best wishes everyone

Ratsypan good to hear from you. Hope the op went well and you are recovering nicely. If you are up to it it would be lovely to see you but if not don’t worry there will be more lunches to meet at. Look after yourself and keep cool in the heat.

For those coming by car there is free car parking and plenty of disabled bays, there is a walkway/bridge from one of the carpark floors (maybe the 3rd but not sure). It will take you to a slope to the pub.

For those coming by bus, these buse go into the Marina 7, 21, 23, with the no 7 being most frequent at every 5-7 minutes, a couple of other buses run there too but very irregularly. When you get off bus passed McDonalds and by Bowlplex go back the direction the bus came in and you’ll see a big building opposit MacDonalds, that’s the pub, Quay West. There are lots of stairs to the left as you face it BUT there is a disabled ramp/slope to the right which is much easier!

Lookng forward to seeing everyone about 1 o’clock on Wednesday! xx

Just bumping

Looking forward to tomorrow,will be nice to see everyone x

hello from Hastings. cannot make it to Brighton as i dont drive but if anyone is from my neck of the woods i would love to hear from you.

Hi. I hope this is ok but I am on this forum on behalf of a friend who has gone quickly from a diagnosis of breast cancer to one of have secondary cancer in the lungs. I think she may be ready now to look for some sort of support group. Do you still meet up and if so, how would he join you? Thank you.

Hi Zara and Martha,


Sorry I’ve only just seen your posts.


Zara sorry you are now having mobility problems. Do you know anywhere suitable for us to meet in Hastings? Maybe we could arrange to have one of our lunch meets closer to you.


Martha, sorry to hear about your friend, if she is ready to start meeting women in the same boat she’d be welcome to join us. What has been happening is that we meet for lunch, mostly in Brighton, as it is generally easy for most to get to and ther’s plenty of disabled parking at the Marina. We have had meets in other places too and am sure we can do so again.The mets haven’t been set regularly but as the interest seems to be growing and we might be getting more ‘members’ I think we are likely to set dates probably about every six weeks … watch this space.


I’m hoping to confirm the next lunch over the next couple of days, it’s looking like it will probably be Tuesday 19th Nov.


Julie x