Sweet dreams

A bit of light relief. What are you in your dreams? Even though I’ve had a single mastectomy, have a PICC line and no hair - in my dreams I’m just as I was pre-cancer. The old me! I never have dreams where my wig blows off and I’m chasing it down the street or any other horrendous scenarios. It can be a bit disappointing when I wake up though! Maybe my dreams are keeping me sane? How about you? x


I think in general in my dreams I look like I normally do. Not often naked and looking in a mirror so I don’t know whether I have one or two breasts in my dream body.

I think maybe influenced by your post I did have a dream recently where I was sitting in the front seat of a car and, after answering some dumb questions from someone sitting in the back seat, I turned around and took off my hat to show them my bald head. That shut them up!

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:grinning:. I like your style!