Swelling above right collar bone

I hope I’m posting in the right place so forgive me if I’m not. I recently had (29 December) a punch biopsy of my nipple, as the GP referred me on the 2 week urgent list for suspected Paget’s. The consultant seemed to be of the view it wasn’t sinister but done a biopsy anyway, I am still waiting the results. No scan, ultra sound or mammogram was done. However I now have a large swelling above my right collar bone (the right breast is the one of concern) I have never had anything like this before so unsure what it could be? Could it be a direct result of the biopsy? (I’m aware how daft that sounds so forgive me)
I’m assuming collar bone and that area have nothing to do with the breast?
Sorry for rambling I’m just going a little stir crazy as to what’s going on, waiting for my results isn’t helping either. I guess I’m scared they could be related, but not even sure if that is possible?
Thanks in advance for all and any help :slight_smile:

Hi MKgirl,
It’s not really possible to say what it is & it could well be just a coincidence anyway.
It’s good the biopsy has been done, although if course, it doesn’t feel like it & waiting for results is so difficult, as the mind does go into overdrive.
Not easy, I know, but there’s nothing more you can do now, so try & put it out of your mind for now.
ann x



Have they given you any idea when your results might come through? Its not a great time for biopsys and results, as of course as you know they will more than likely get delayed by the breaks that people took over Christmas. In theory above the collar bone lymph nodes could be affected by breast conditions (if its lymph nodes that are causing the swelling), including potentially infections. Its not unheard of for infections after biopsies. I would consider going back to your GP to show them the swollen area you have found, so they can reassess, maybe they might be able to contact the clinic and say that you have felt a change in the condition and push along the results a bit more quickly?

So weird you write this as I developed a swelling above my collar bone straight after my breast biopsy. It freaked me out and I had a bad panic attack when I noticed it. Anyway 5 months later after mastectomy and radiotherapy I still have this swelling and it aches. I have had ultrasound and CT and they can see the swelling but don’t know why it is. Did you get your results?