swelling getting me down

Hello everyone,

I’m wondering if anyone has had a similar experience and can share with me.

I had mastectomy 2 weeks ago. Yesterday got results of lymph node biopsy which is clear. However, grade 3 tumor found so waiting to see oncologist re possibility of chemo and hormone drugs. I’m so relieved that the nodes are clear but I still feel very down. My dressing were taken off yesterday and the scare is very raw and I have swelling which whooshes around. Its driving me mad! My BCN advises not to draw the fluid off  heals better and flatter if the body can absorb the seroma and also there less risk of infection.

Honestly, I feel like I’m growing another breast. Does anyone have any advice?

Love C xx

Hi waiting
I am sorry to read that you have this to deal with, whilst you await replies you may find the following information about seromas from BCC helpful and our helpliners are here for you 9-5 weekdays and 10-2 Saturdays so do feel free to call to talk things over


Take care
Lucy BCC

Hi C


I am sorry you have got a seroma. I had one under my arm from the snb and I can certainly sympathise. It was horrible! I tried to keep my arm elevated, put cold compress onto it and did some gentle massaging. After a few days it did get better but not sure whether it was related to my efforts.


I do hope yours starts to reduce soon.



Hi C,
I had WLE and a few nodes removed for testing so not as extensive as you. I did however have some swelling front underarm chest area and noticed that it gradually seemed to go down when i did the exercises and swell slightly back up even if i missed one or 2 lots of the exercises. I think sticking to 3 times a dsy really helps…plus as time goes by after surgery helps stop stiffness which can sneek back in fairly rapidly if you don’t keep doing the gentle stretches, albeit that may in part be caused by radiotherapy which I’ve also had.
Really hope it gets better soon, hang in there and just do as much as you can of the exercises. If you think your pigeon wings exercise would equate to a bird never getting off the ground or flying in circles don’t worry - it will loosen up
X seabreeze

Hi Waiting,


I have had 3 operations following diagnosis first being mastectomy second lymph node removal third reconstruction.  I had seromas every time the first one being the worst as to be honest it was after my first opperation and I had nothing to compare it to.  Mine lasted for up to 8 weeks and the first one I had drained weekly without any problems to give me more movement as it went under my armpit.  Once I had reconstructive surgery I couldnt have the Sermona drained but really learned to live with it.  They did settle in time, it was as if the body decided thats it no more seroma, they really did just stop over night.