Swelling in arm during radiotherapy

I’m currently having 5 days of partial left breast radiotherapy, I’ve had 2 days so far. I didn’t have any lymph node involvement so was told rads would only be to the partial area of the breast. Its lower quadrant for me. After the first day my breast and underarm swelled up and was hot. The next day Friday my arm swelled not significantly but i could tell and I’ve had pins and needles in it mostly when i lie down. I mentioned this on Friday and they explained that the beams go through the body which is why it might have affected my arm and armpit. Problem is I’m so scared of developing lymphodema, I literally have felt sick all weekend. And today the swelling is worse and more obvious on my forearm. I have so much anxiety going back there tomorrow. I’m going to speak to them about it but am seriously considering not having any more radiotherapy and just taking my chances now. Anyone else have this? I really thought that the radiotherapy would just affect my breast and hadn’t even considered this as an issue and most posts on here talk about radiotherapy being relatively easy compared to everything else we go through. Sorry if I sound ungrateful I know I’ve been really lucky with the outcome I’ve had so far.

I’m starting my radiotherepy in a couple of hours, I’m very nervous as not sure how my body will react to it all.
I’m sorry yours has reacted that way but I would suggest talking to your team, maybe the radiotherepy team, or your oncologist…you just need reassurance that it’s normal and what you can do about it, there must be something they can recommend…I wish you luck.x

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Good luck and sending you virtual hugs


Thanks for your reply. I’m going to speak to them today and then decide what to do. I’ve been drinking lots of water which i think has helped. I think I’m dehydrated because I’ve been having headaches although that could also be the anxiety! :roll_eyes: Good luck today

Yes keep asking and talking till you get the answers you need.