Swelling in armpit

Hi wandering if somebody has had the same symptoms. For over 6 weeks now had swelling in my left arm pit. To touch it feels spongy but has hard lump in middle. I was referred to the breast clinic where I was told it was a swollen lymph node and sent me for mammogram and ultrasound. The sonographer found it straight away and said it’s just normal breast tissue going up into the axilary tail. They’ve made me appointment for 5 weeks time and if it’s still swollen they are going to do biopsy. The swelling isn’t getting any better and beginning to worry that they have missed something especially since the breast surgeon told me he was positive it was a lymph node. Thank you to anybody who can help x

Hi loulou,

I’m sorry you haven’t yet received a response to your post - hopefully one of our Forum members will be along soon to offer their advice. In the meantime you may also want to post in the  Ask Our Nurses section of the Forum where our specialists can help. 

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Helena at Breast Cancer Care

Hello Loulou -5 weeks can seem like an awfully long time when you are worried .Would it be worth asking the clinic if you could be seen a bit sooner for a biopsy if it is really playing on your mind ?