Swelling in the stomach after breast reconstruction

Hello, does anybody have the same problem of swelling in my stomach after breast reconstruction, I look like 5mths pregnant, neck are swollen and face is puffy, I have my implants put in Feb 2 2017, I’m not healing, still in pain all this is preventing me to move on with my life, don’t want to even go out because of what I feel and physically what I look like, I went ahead told my surgeon to take the implants out that’s how bad my body rejecting it, does anybody know how can I make my stomach back to normal, I’m desperate pls help. Thank you

Hi Rowenas that sounds terribly uncomfortable so sorry your body doesn’t like the implants. I had to have mine removed during chemo (dec14) because of infection, but went on to have successful implant reconstruction after treatment had finished.

I always get very bloated after surgery, but only for a couple of weeks. Surgeon said it was a combination of anaesthetic and morphine paint relief. But 4 months on? Are you on drugs to get your body to accept the implants? Or tamoxifen / steroids which can cause weight gain?

I’m 2 stone heavier than at diagnosis, with a wobbly belly for the first time in my life!

You need to talk to gp or BCN to find out what’s causing it.

Wishing you a speedy recovery x