Swelling inner elbow on chemo arm


I am 17 days post 2nd FEC and have had a sore arm since 2nd treatment. Yesterday I noticed a huge swelling on my inner elbow, also very painful but not inflamed. Went to my GP who thinks it is something to do with the chemo, and recommended Voltaral gel (anti-inflammatory), and ice. My onc nurse does not think it is anything to do with the chemo!!!
Fingers crossed it will go so that I can have 3rd FEC next Tuesday!
Has anyone else experienced this type of swelling?

Kim x

Hi Kim,

I havent experienced this, however just wanted to send best wishes.


Hi there… I can’t say I experienced any swelling, but there is no doubt that FEC affected my veins. The vein in my inner elbow is still quite hard to the touch - even 18 months after finishing FEC chemo. My GP can still draw blood from it when she needs to, but its nowhere near as easily as it used to be. If the blood flow is restricted then you might get swelling I guess, seems plausible anyway. Is this where they draw blood for your pre-chemo blood-tests? And is their a bruise? Perhaps the vein leaked a little after your last blood-test. If so - then the nurses who take blood for your pre-chemo tests might have seen the same thing before. The onco nurses always use veins in the hand (in my experience), so may not be familiar with problems at the elbow.

Thanks Lynne and Angilbert

Has become more inflamed today so have started some anti-biotics, hopefully will reduce the inflammation.
Thanks for your support.

Kim x

Hi Kim

My inner elbow has felt tender since just after my 3rd EC treatment and my BC nurse said it was almost certainly due to the chemo and to make sure they use a different vein next time. Hopefully the anti-biotics will reduce the inflammation for you but it’s probably worth asking them to use a different vein for your next treatment too just in case…

Jo x

Thanks Jeebee

The oncology nurse is going to assess the situation tomorrow.

Kim x