It’s over two weeks now since I had a mastectomy and aux node clearance, and results from Consultant are looking good… though don’t see oncologist until mid May to discuss further treatment (only 1 in 10 nodes had cancer).
But when will this swelling around the scar and under my arm go … ? When I saw the BCN last week she wasn’t keen to drain it … its just a nuisance now. I’ve got a cleavage again!!!

i didnt have a mx so carnt say anything about that but did have wle and nodes removed just over 3 weeks ago and i still have swelling under arm and down to my elbow which is painfull at time i just keep my arm rest higher when ever i get chance too

Thanks … useful to know what others are experiencing cos I don’t know what the norm is …

Hi, I had my mx 3 weeks ago and still have a fair bit of swelling along the scar line and uner my arm, about an A cup but its going down. My bcn said if she drained it it would just fill again and was best left for the body to reabsorb the fluid x

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Hi Angie
I only had a WLE and SNB but have 3 swellings under my arm.
One the size of a tennis ball and the other 2 size of golf balls.
The crease under my arm is red and the first thing I do each morning is check to see if the swelling has gone down - or even shows signs of improvement. I had op on 11th. April back again for 2nd. op May 10 to get correct clear margin.
Feel under the weather, in bed and very cold. It was 19 degrees this morning but I had 5 layers on!
Doing exercises but even they hurt. Moan over, lots more on here worse off than me.

It’s going down !!! Very slowly but it has definitely shrunk … still have a bit of a cleavage but it is only four weeks since I had the mastectomy and BCN says its best to let it reabsorb unless its painful, hot or hard…

Hi there
I’m three weeks post mx and have a cleavage and also a weird underarm mini-boob thing happening, very peculiar. It’s been drained twice and has gone down but is still the same shape. My bcn said the consultant likes to try to keep a bit of cleavage if possible and I’m happy about this bit but not the underarm thing which looks awful - do you remember those cakes I think they were called coconut fancies, sort of pyramidal and coconutty coming to a point, well that’s what I’ve got under my arm!!!

I came to bed at 11pm, now after 3am… still in pain. Got up to take pain killers. Had lump drained successfully last week but still lumpy and tender underarm plus the other sensations.
Op tomorrow so thats on my mind. Typing in dark so as not to disturb OH. Wish I could sleep. Cant type any more. Night night

I had rmx and 28 lymph nodes removed on 6 January and it took about six weeks to two months for swelling to go down. I had a drain in until I left hospital on the 7th day, then went back to have fluid drained by surgeon at clinic in 3rd and 4th week, but some surgeons will not do this because of risk of infection. I did the recommended exercises 3 times every day and though it was an effort,I now have full movement in my arm. All best for your recovery.

hi all i had left mastectomy on the 4th april, i also had a cleavage which i loved, i had my wound drained 3 times and its still has a small bump. I didnt have drains, ive had full use of my arm from day one. My friend had the same op but with drains and her scar is flat as a pancake her arm movements arnt as good as mine and her op was 4wk b4 mine.

I had node clearance only last Monday and have to count my blessings no problems at all other than allergy to the plasters where i have a load of blister scabs around my side.
Hope all is better for you soon.