Hi all

Just a quickie really, I had my op on the 2nd May and have a bit of swelling just fluid build up, its not too bad but I wondered if there was anything I could do myself to speed up the dispersal. Its not really uncomfortable just annoying.


Debs x

Morning hun

Exercise, the ones on the sheet they give you.It is still early days and I think the fluid is normal love not to worry unless it gets red or hurts in that area.

Do you know I still get it and I am 3mnths down the line. I get mine just under arm at end of scar, its like a flap…and it gets worse when I have had chemo. I am going to see my bc nurse today and let her have a looksie at it.

Annoying is the right word for me too…

Of for another cuppa


Hi Paula

Thanks for that, I hope you feel ok today you were a bit rough yesterday yeah? Hope you get on ok today might give you a ring laters if thats ok

Love Deb x

Hi debs

I have posted below for you links to two of BCC’s publications which you may find useful. The first one is a link to the lymphodema leaflet and the second a booklet about exercise and breast cancer. You can either download a copy or order one on line, free of charge. Hope these help.



Kind regards,
Jo, Facilitator

Hiya, yep, the exercises do help - 4 months later and I’m still doing the ones the hospital recommended as well as a few others to help stretch the skin so it is less tight across my back (I had a mastectomy with immediate reconstruction - LD). Nothing too strenuous, though, mind! The BC nurse was draining fluid from the seroma on my back twice a week for 6 weeks but stopped abruptly when I started chemo. As Paula says, the scars can hurt for a few days after chemo - and my arm tends to stiffen altogether for a few days too - but almost 4 weeks since my last dose of chemo (it had to be delayed for a week) dare I say it, but my arm feels almost as if it had not been touched surgically at all. Paula, I too have what I thought was a collection of fluid under my arm at the end of my scar on my back and asked my BC nurse about it. She told me that it was normal, that it was scar tissue and that the surgeon could tidy it up if I wanted him too. I have since read that this is common, that they are referred to as ‘dog ears’ - there’s a thread somewhere on this forum about it - and that they use this tissue to recreate your nipple. Of course, I’m not sure whether this applies to you but just thought I’d tell you so that when you do see your nurse, if it is the case, you can ask them to elaborate.

I’m off to Birmingham today for a Look Good Feel Better session, to which I’m really looking forward!

Have a good day yourselves.


Thanks Debs…yes I should be about later this morning or late afternoon…if not leave message and I will get back to you.

Naz…thanks for the info on dogs ears…I did hear someone else say about this. I am due recon next year hopefully. Its pretty annoying though as it feels like I have copious amounts of skin hanging about.!!!

Have a fab day at the Look good session…I am doing one in July looking forward to that.

All the best

P xx

Hi all

Just been on to the doctors who said it is best to phone the hospital, I don’t really think that is necessary just want a little reasurance. Its not huge swelling but swelling none the less I just wondered when it would start to go down. I had my drain out on thursday so it is bound to be a bit swollen and it doesn’t hurt. I will keep doing the exercises and see what happens over the next couple of days. Also does anyone know if it is now ok to soak in the bath???

silly question but I don’t know

Debs x

Hi Debs

Yes good to chat, anytime. It would be nice if we could organise a kent/sussex meet up somewhere wouldn’t it?

I hope that swelling goes down. Keep up those exercises and rest…!!! if that makes sense…

keep in touch

P xx

HI All

Finally had to get my seroma sorted and it feels a lot better I phoned the hospital yesterday and they told me to come straight down so pretty good service. I did think about leaving it but glad i didn’t because when the nurse saw it she said it was the biggest she had seen in a long time. Keeping up the exercises tho.

Debs x

Hi Hun

Blimey Debs, good job you did go. lets hope it stays down now…keep well

Paula x

HI Paula

Yeah thanks, going for a haircut today in preperation for chemo, had my mother on the phone saying don’t be to drastic she is doing my head in a bit, I know she is only worried but well you know what its like.

Hope you feel ok today, Have a good day

Debs x

Hi Debs, I’m glad you managed to get it drained, although I’m surprised that the BC nurses hadn’t already arranged for you to get it drained anyway - perhaps they did and I’ve just misunderstood - which is highly likely!

You asked if it was okay to have a soak in the bath - I’m guessing that you’ve tried now but definitely not a silly question at all - I had to get reassurance from someone - my sister - that it would be okay to use soap! I was worried that it might react with the scar - and I’ve since read that its best to use Ph balanced soap so it perhaps wasn’t so silly a worry in the first place.

I shall stop now cos I’m not making any sense - probably nerves - last lot of epirubicin today - hooray! But still apprehensive!

Have an enjoyable day - not sure how long your hair is but when I got mine cut in preparation (it was shoulder length) I was really pleased with it short, so much so that I wondered whether perhaps it looked better - and I felt strangely liberated and more in control.


Hi Naz

You are making sense! perhaps we are both a bit strange. I think the swelling is going up again will have to watch it and perhaps get it drained again tomorrow. They said I could ring tomorrow and they will do it for me. Yeah I have soaked now. And my hair is ‘Short Short’ so not so much to loose.

Hi Lauren if you read this thread, Lucky you starting chemo on Tuesday I am still waiting for my follow up!!!

Best wishes

Debs x

Hi Debs - found you!!
Getting my results tomorrow and referral to onc. Think I’ll be starting chemo end June ish. Decided not to get my hair cut as I don’t like it short although when I was fed up of babies pulling it I had it so for a few years and did look quite different… Don’t think I’m the ‘going commando’ type and will get a wig; my hairdresser will cut it for me into my normal style if I want. I was quite put out to think that she percieves me with ‘A style’!!! I thought I ringed the changes often enough!!

Anyone know whre Archie/ Deb has gone??

Td xxxx

HI All

Just a quick update STILL GETTING DRAINED!!! probably again on Friday thank god I can’t feel it!! has anyone else had this trouble?


Hi Debs

Hope things are better with you now. Not spoken to you since your op as our op dates over-lapped. How are things going?

I had lumpectomy and SNB two weeks ago today and am now waiting to see the oncologist in the next week or so. I had my results last Thurs. It is not in the lymph nodes or vascular spaces and is ER and PR+. Dont know about HER2 yet. It is still Grade 3 and the cons recommended chemo to ‘nuc’ the *****. My language has been getting bad over the last few weeks!

Ive got my Gran’s funeral this morning which I am absolutely dreading. She passed away last week at a grand age of 93! She survived bc twice in her lifetime and passed away peacefully from old age in the end. Will be glad when this morning is over with as there will be a lot of people that I havent seen since being diagnosed and really dont want to speak about things this morning, if you know what I mean. Well best go and start getting ready and try and get myself looking half decent.

Speak to you soon. Let me know how things are going with you.

Love Claire x

Hi Claire

Sorry to hear about your Gran but what an inspiration eh! I have yet to get my results I think my surgeon and his team are discussing me today and I will have my appointment next Thursday, Seems a bit of a wait but there you go they all do things differently. I am feeling fine now still swollen but getting used to that too!! Sleeping well and am now going through the whole day without falling asleep which is good. I know what you mean about not wanting to talk about things today, hopefully people will be ok and realise this is a tribute to your Gran. Speak soon

Debs x

Hi Debs

Thank you for your kind words.

I managed my Gran’s funeral well and realise I have a fantastic family as no one mentioned to me anything before I went into the Church. They seemed to know how I was feeling and I am grateful that they understood. I am concerned about my poor mum though having to manage both loosing her mum and having me ill. My Gran and I were in the same hospital at the same time just a few wards down the corridor. Things all come at the same time. But like you say she is an inspiration to me at having got to 93!

You sound as though you are doing really well and am impressed that you are sleeping so well. I am still having to have a little nap every afternoon. I bet you cant wait until you get your results. I will be thinking of you on Thurs.

Take care

Love Claire x

Morning Debs!
How long did you leave it before getting the seroma drained first time?? I saw surgeon on Wed who said ‘it’s only about 50ml - we’ll leave it for a while’. It now looks like I am budding another boob at the end of my back scar… not uncomfortable though really …
Hope your doing fine! As you’re 10 days in front of me I’m looking to you for inspiration!!
Td x

Hi Td,

Just trying to work it out

Err had the op on the Friday, and then went the following Thurs and had dressings off then the following wednesday had it drained, I have had it done 3 times now each time it was less, The last time is was 150 ml so quite a lot, I couldn’t put my arm down it didn’t really hurt so much as drag. But I am 3 weeks on and a couple of days ago I thought I may have to go today but it has swollen up a bit but not got worse over the last day so I want to leave it as each time the drain you could get an infection, which we could all do without. Mine is under my arm and at the start went right up in front of my arm pit, I looked like a cube!!!

If its not uncomfortable I would leave it, Hope you get on ok

Debs x