Swimming after WLE and SNB?


I had this 8 days ago and really want to get back to some exercise. My wounds are healing well and I wondered if swimming would be ok? I usually run, but I think that may be too jolting. 

Does anyone know the advice?

Thank you xx

Hi Coconutbean, 

I was very keen to start swimming too after my surgery, but was advised not to even contemplate it until my wounds were completely sealed and healed. Lots of germs lurking in swimming pools apparently! So probably best leave it for now, sorry! x

Hi there, 

 I had WLE and SNB on 30th July.

I’ve just come back from a week in Greece where I swam in the sea every day. It’s made such a dramatic difference to the range of movement I have in my shoulder. 

I’ve been using bio oil on my scars and before each swim I plastered Vaseline over the scars, showered when I got out and dried the scars as quickly as I could after that. 

The advice to me was I could swim as soon as the wounds were healed. 

Hope you can exercise soon. Xx

Hi Coconutbean

Hopefully now, as it’s a while since your original post, you’ve been able to go swimming? I had double lumpectomies and SNBs in June and was advised not to go swimming until well healed. Unfortunately I developed a haematoma on one side, which eventually caused my wound to leak. I had to return for surgery, a mastectomy one side, on 24th July. That cleared the haematoma, and my breast care nurse told me I could go swimming as soon as I’d healed. So I was back swimming, both in the sea and pool, within 2 weeks of that surgery, with my special swim prosthesis and costume. I am fortunate to have a neighbour with an indoor pool she lets me use, which has very little chlorine, and few people so less risk of germs. But I have certainly found it excellent exercise to get my movements back. I love swimming in the sea, and have enjoyed that several times since my surgery.