swimming & bald head

just about to have my last chemo then 3 weeks of radiotherapy. I’ve booked a few days away later - good to have something to look forward to - but it suddenly struck me i will still have a bald head. The problem is, the place has an indoor pool and I would love to swim but what do I put on my head? At 50+ I don’t look glamourous like the celebs in the magazines so really need something.

Hi, l am sure if you look on the internet, you will find some nice swimming caps!
Good luck with your last rads. and enjoy your few days away
PS. Just seen Bohemia head gear do some nice swim caps.

Have been wondering that too. Want to do a short spa type break after rads but don’t wNt to be bald in the pool. What about a swimming cap? Lots of people wear them for lots of reasons. Ear infections, to keep hair dry etc. At least you won’t have to do bikini line!

Just looked at Bohemia site and they have a good selection. Thanks for the tip. :slight_smile:

Hi I went swimming just after rads, make sure you wash well afterwards as I didn’t get sore til after I went swimming.

I went bald and was surprised how accepting people were. Mind you I did ask if I could go to an over 50’s session as I didn’t want to be about kids. I wanted to get one of those flowery 50’s style hats but found them a bit expensive even on eBay.

Enjoy your time away.

Em x

I’ve been swimming twice a week throughout chemo and the first time I went I bought a £1.99 swim hat from the pool and it has lasted throughout (have finished chemo 2 wks ago). I only wear it because I don’t want to be stared at and I haven’t as lots of other men and women wear them at the pool I go to. I will now have to stop swimming as rads is due to start but will start again after.

I used to go swimming when I had a bald head… just used to wear a swimming cap… luckily my gym had some private changing rooms so I used to go in there and put my wig on after… it was quite good really not having to dry your hair… was in and out in a flash!

Hi iam one of those ladies who can swim and dont get their hair wet anyway ha ha but ive just been to turkey and swam in the pool even with my short wig on and only the back and front got a bit wet and splashed but it washed and dried fine on a night time I have 2 wigs and used one for pool and beach and best one for night times going out ,and no it didnt turn green like sometimes my own blonde hair does with chlorine .i also have one of those white toweling tubie towels they are about a £1 in poundshops or discount chemists . Enjoy your hols and you’re swimming it was great that no one even noticed i was wearing my wig even though i was standing about a foot away talking to them in the pool ha ha xx