Swimming During Chemotherapy Treatment

I had my second lot of EC chemo last week, I have 8 sessions to have to shrink a cancerous mass in my left breast before surgery and rads. My second four will be taxatere. I was diagnosed in september with primary ductal cancer. I going for a half walk every day but I am a keen swimmer and I miss swimming so much and not being able to on chemo. I know not to go to a public pool because of the infection risk but I was thinking of going to a small private pool at a hotel near where I live instead.

Have others been swimming during their chemo and what has been the results positive or negative. I would be grateful for other thoughts.


Hi Dancing

My Onc. was very anti-swimming whilst I was on chemo, calling it a cess-pool of germs and saying that one of the easiest ways for bugs to enter your body was via the usual openings! The Drs are just worried that you catch something really nasty and your immunity is very low at the moment and your ability to fight illness is very much reduced.

However I did manage to persuade him that it would OK to swim whilst on holiday when I went away to a cottage which had a small shared pool, but not open to the public. I had to promise that I would only swim if I felt OK (my white blood count had been low) and outside the week of the lowest immunity. I also had taxotere and had one more dose to go. It was lovely to swim! and my white blood count has raised, but that may have been the holiday and extra help with cooking and child entertaining!

All the best for the future, keep going with the walking. I found that the fatigue increases over time and what was possible after the early sessions was much harder after doses 6 - 8.


Hi Dancing

I took a holiday to Spain after 4 sessions of AC chemo, just before starting 4 Tax and my ONC said I def. couldn’t swim in the pool, but the sea was OK - so I did and it was bliss!!

Hope it helps.
Anne x