Was just wondering im not a person who does much exercise but have been ok with weight until now oh has just suggested that we could do some swimming at the weekends when am i able to gofinished chemo 4wks ago

I am also 4 weeks post chemo. Mu onc told me i couldnt go during rads, not sure if you are having them, but when i asked if i could go in the pool at center parcs in early december he laughed and said i should def be able to go then! Not sure how, if any that helps but it seems you could go in 2 and a half months at the worst!

I went swimming throughout chemo with BCN and ONC blessing, never had chemo delayed and never caught any infection. However now having rads and was advised by radiographer not too as the chemicals in the pool could dry and irritate the skin. She also advised waiting a couple of weeks afterwards but I’m off on holiday a week after rads has finished so will see what my skin is like.

Going hosp 2moz post opp then seeing bcn will ask thanks ladies

I was told by my onc not to swim during chemo & rads, but when I went for the first rad the radiographers said I was fine to swim until my skin started getting sore, which they thought would take a couple of weeks. Well my skin never got sore so I swam all the way through.

my nurse said the same leave it till rads are done

I swam throughout my chemo with no problems. I’m currently going through radiotherapy at the Royal Marsden and was told its fine to carry on swimming as long as I shower well afterwards (using only the recommended soaps of course!)

Oh I am so dismayed I came back from holiday in Oct last year having learned to water ski and had been scuba diving ( had done that for years)and had been swimming 3-5 times a week at home for years then routine mammo showed BC and all the rest etc.re treatments Was told last Nov no swimming and have not been since due to all the treatments and oh how I miss it. Perhaps I could have been swimming all that time ? Jackie

know how u feel, out of all the things i missed on treatment swimming was the top of list. but my breast docs said do anything but dont go near the swimming baths, to many germs. now back in the swim and so happy , cried the first time back in, but your time will come .

take care x

My BC chemo nurse not to go till a ‘few months’ after finishing treatment as I could still pick up infections. I have also really missed swimming during the past year of treatment but hope to have a dip in Tenerife at the end of October!

I swam a few times the week before my first op - and promptly got an infection! It might not have been the pool but I can’t help wondering…