Swimwear and mastectomy

Hi there its been a while, just popped in to ask what the ladies who have had mastectomy use in the cup of swimwear? I haven’t got a prosthesis as haven’t needed one but have a feeling I will need to get one to use on holiday if I want to go in the pool!
Thanks,Bev x.

Hi Bev ? I had a mastectomy in December and can highly recommend the Aqua Knitted knocker inside a mastectomy swimming cossy. I got my cossy from Ameona for about £40, bit pricey but I love it. It’s chlorine resistant too.


I digress! ? If you go on the Knitted knocker website via Google you can request an aqua Knitted knocker in your bra size made especially for swimming. They are beautiful, really comfortable and gave me great confidence when swimming last week on hols. They are free too but you can make a donation if you like. It comes in a lovely organza bag. They are stuffed with shower scrunchie material so dry really well after swimming. I love mine. Hope that helps xxx

Thank you for your post, I will definately check the knitted knocker site and amoena site for swimwear xxx

Just further info for future reference Womanzone are good for mastectomy swimwear too. Bit less pricey than Amoena. Do some lovely cossies, tankinis, etc.

Happy swimming, ladies

Delly xxxx