Swimwear Struggle

I had a Single mastectomy and now going through adjuvant chemotherapy. A friend and I have booked a special holiday to celebrate the end of treatment but I cannot find 1 mastectomy bikini in the UK in my size. My natural breast is 34E but swimwear tends to go to a C/D. My issue is, I have tried a mastectomy swimsuit which just squashes the natural breast. Also, I am only 54, and still want to feel good in a bikini. I have emailed all major mastectomy suppliers, Amoena, Anita, Nicola Jane, etc, but currently no joy. My nurse has a meeting I have been invited to at the end of the month with the Ameona rep. Has anyone else had any joy?


You seem to have tried all the usual suppliers. Just wonder if it is possible to have a prosthesis pocket fitted to a well fitting “standard” bikini?  Sorry if that is a rubbish idea!  Have a lovely holiday anyway, what ever you wear. Love xxx

Hi. Have you tried “brastop” (online bra company) they do swimsuits/bikini for all shapes and sizes. Worth a look. Regards. Michele

Hi Debbie

have you tried M&S? They do a post surgery range that I know of.

Sorry pressed wrong button. Have you tried www.woman-zone.co.uk. You can buy swimwear of your own choice and size from anywhere, send it to them and they will sew in a pocket/pockets for you. I think it is about £7.50 per pocket. I have not used this company but saw them online when I was trying to find swimwear for myself. Good luck and enjoy your holiday.

Hello. I am very late replying to this post! I am launching a range of beautiful swimwear this year for women like myself who have been through treatment and are struggling to find swimwear that doesnt look like mastectomy swimwear and which can accomodate a prosthesis or work without. I would love to to hear from any women out there who are searching for beautiful swimwear and would be willing to either try my samples or chat to me about their requirements. Many thanks in advance. mary@emerje.co.uk

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