How expensive is post surgery swimwear any ideas no where i can get cheaper ones i dont want to pay arm and leg for something thats only going to be temporary im awaiting recon hope to get my new boobs soon

Hi there,

I don’t know actual prices as I’m 2 years down the line now, but I bought from Marks and Spencer, and think they were similar price to their regular lines.

I used the “softie” that I was given straight after my mx as I thought the proper prosthesis would be too heavy and didn’t want to splash (!) out on a special swimming one, as like you it was just going to be a temporary measure.

Good lucking tracking down something suitable, and best wishes,

Julie x

Hi,i got a lovely costume from asda online and a nice tankini from M&S online. Both not expensive and something i would probably wear even after my recon xx

Thankyou for your post will check asda out

I’ve bought 2 m+s ones both are lovely- look like a tankini but are one piece. They were around £30 but I got one new with tags off eBay for half price. So… Keep an eye out on eBay x

I got a really nice one from Amoena in their sale, it only cost £12.00, so it might be worth taking a look to see what they’ve got on offer/sale.

I would also suggest ebay. I’ve bought a couple off ebay. The downside is that you have to take a chance on them fitting but the prices are very good. M&S have a reasonable selection. I agree about the high prices but I do still wear mine after my recon/reduction.

I bought both a swimming costume and tankini from Nicola Jane. Not cheap, but that was over four years ago, I had a recon last year, and I am still wearing both of them. I have no plans to buy anything new as no-one would know they are mastectomy swimwear. They are good quality - I use the swimming costume every week, and it is still as good as new.


I also have had reconstruction and wear my Nicola Jane swimwear. It is very hard wearing and doesnt spoil with the chlorine. They are expensive but worth it.

Carolyn159 x


Try this Australian boutique that sells only mastectomy wear.

There’s a large range of styles with large range of prices…


In my opinion, the garments look gorgeous

Goodluck x

Bear in mind that if you order and buy from an offshore website, that you will be hammered for import duties from Rev and Customs before they will allow it to be delivered it to you. That needs to be factored in when comparing prices.