Swollen ankles??

Swollen ankles??

Swollen ankles?? Hi

Has anybody suffered from swollen ankles? I am on my third Taxotere out of 4. I have got a vague memory of the chemo nurse telling me to be aware of swollen ankles (or have I?, at the moment i doubt my memory sometimes!) but I can’t for the life of me remember what she said about them, whether it could happen or whether I should do something if it does happen.

They have just suddenly puffed up tonight, they’re not massively swollen but noticably bigger and the skin feels really tight and it’s quite painful to move.

Does anybody know if this is anything to worry about or if it is a sign that I have been doing too much and need to sit with my feet up for a couple of days. i have had joint pain and a particularly painful knee, but this is the first time my ankles have been affected.


Nicky xx

Ankles I’ve just finished a course of taxotere and I remember the oncologist warning me that this could be a side effect of the treatment. I don’t think it’s anything particularly to worry about, but if it was me, I’d mention it to the breast care nurse.

That’s the thing I found about taxotere, each treatment brings fresh surprises!

All the best.


swollen feet and ankles I have just bought some new slippers (the same ones as before) but cant get them or most of my shoes on as my feet and ankles are so swollen, I’m not on Taxotere and have only had one dose of TAC second lot tomorrow. Good news is that my two new tumours are already shrinking, Onc was very pleased yesterday said glad I was on right combination.


Hi Nicky

I had taxotere for 4 sessions last may to july and I really suffered with fluid retention.

After the first chemo I gained roughly 5/6lb of fluid around ankles and a big tyre around my middle. after 3/4 days it would disappear but as the sessions went on it took longer and my ankles looked awful, I was 37 and they looked worse than when I was very pregnant in the height of summer.

In the end I was prescribed fluid retention tablets by my onc and then my gp to take as and when as the fluid became pretty irregular and lasted a few months after the chemo finished.

I also suffered the aches and pains, but never had any sick feeling on the taxotere so there was one big plus compared to fec.

Hope the rest of your treatment goes as well as possible.

Debbie X

I’ve got swollen ankles too! I’ve got swollen ankles too! They’ve been swollen now for about 3 weeks.

I have put it down to a side effect of Arimidex!

It seems that all these drugs for bc have similar side effects but I must keep taking the tablets!


Thanks girls! To Silkie, Val, Debbie and Christiane

Thanks for your replies, it has put my mind at ease, my ankles went down overnight, then after taking my son to school have begun to swell a bit more. An excuse to not do anything today i think!!

Val, I’m glad to hear that your tumours are shrinking, I’m on TAC and mine shrank quickly too. Please make sure that you see your Consultant before they go completely as they may need to be marked! I was lucky as i have moles either side of where my tumour was, so didn’t need any marking.

Debsy - I’m afraid i can’t blame my big tyre on the chemo! It was there before I started, although may have enlarged slightly - blame the steroids!

Take care everyone and hope your ankles slim down soon!

Nicky xx

Me too I am due my 3rd dose of taxorere next week and my legs, ankles and knees are really puffy and painful - so much so i can only sleep in a slanted position in an armchair… cant get a single pair of shoes on. I have rested as much as possible during the day but it doesnt seem to have made any difference to the swelling.

I beleive this is a listed side effect of this drug but i will mention it to the chemo nurses when i go next week and ask if there is anything that can be done.

Hi Domino

Thanks for replying, I feel bad just moaning about puffy ankles when you are obviously suffering a lot more! Actually one of my knees is affected too, not puffy but constantly has a burning pain and really hurts when I kneel down(which I have learnt to avoid!) This Taxotere really is c**p isn’t it? I take it that if you’re due your third you are nearing the end of this bl**dy treatment! Let’s hope that we all get as close to ‘normal’ as we can as soon as possible.

Take care

Nicky x

swollen ankles i had my second dose of TAC this morning told the nurse about my ankles and feet she could see they were swollen, but said it was not a side effect of the chemo was just that I was not as active as usual, said to wriggle my feet and keep them up when sitting, already doing this. Hope yours soon go down Nicky.