Swollen ankles

Hi .

Just wondering if anyone who has finished chemo fec-t noticed their ankles swollen.  I am 21 days post last chemo and my legs are achy but noticed my ankles. Is this due to chemo or lack of exercise.  Also how long does it last or best option to help it go away.


Hi Abella. I had EC from October to December and didn’t have any ankle swelling. But I’ve now had 7 of 9 Paclitaxel doses and have got noticeably very swollen ankles, and fingers and have gained a kilo every week, so I am retaining a lot of fluid. There aren’t many people who have put anything about swelling on this site, but I have just seen a research paper saying that about 1% of people get this with Taxols. I had hoped that when I have finished the swelling will go very quickly, but it looks from what I have read, that it may take 2-3 months. So, you’re not alone in this. I think that doing some exercise may help, although it’s hard isn’t it, but sitting with your legs down will certainly make it worse.

I hope you start to see an improvement in the next few weeks. 


I had my last Docetaxel 4 weeks ago. Since this I have developed swollen hands, arms and feet/ankles. I don’t have any scales at home but feel like I have put on weight generally so wonder if this is fluid to. Have you spoken to anyone about this? I was wondering if a few days of water tablets might help?? I didn’t seem to have this problem whilst on the chemo just since it finished