Swollen armpit 6 months on!


My surgery and treatment finished at the end of April this year and they have said at the hospital not to worry about the swelling/ tenderness where my lymph node is as could be to do with the treatment and should go eventually or could be muscular due to exercise etc but I’m now feeling like it’s getting worse! It feels like it’s getting more tender and the swelling is getting a bigger too. Think I feel worse because it was the reason why I went to the doctors in the first place, to then be diagnosed with high grade ductal carcinoma in situ and didn’t have my lymph nodes tested because of what it was I was diagnosed with. Just really not sure what to do! Has anyone else had anything similar to this? Thank you xx



It is quite normal for us to have all these anxieties post of our treatment and that is what our breast care team are there for to re-assure us.


Give your breast care team a call and explain to them that you are worried and would like to get it checked out because this was what happened in the beginning and whilst it is probably nothing, you need that comfort.


Let us know how you get on.


Sending you hugs


Helena xxx

Thank you Helena

I have a hospital appointment this Thurs, to not only check up on things but also to go through what will happen on my first annual check up, which will be next Feb/March! I’ll hopefully feel more at ease after this appointment.

Sending you hugs back xxx