Swollen armpit appeared a year after mastectomy

Hi everyone,

this is my first time posting so bear with me as I don’t know any of the abbreviations you all use!

Aug 2018 I was diagnosed with DCIS so had lumpectomy. No other treatment needed.

Feb 2019 diagnosed with Grade 2 bc (don’t know the details as I couldn’t take anything in and since then don’t want to go over things again …also known as burying your head in the sand!!). Had mastectomy and sentinel node biopsy, 1 node removed with microdot (think that’s right). Cancer was 11mm and hormone receptive so no other treatment apart from tamoxifen. 
Fast forward to now and over the last week I’ve noticed my armpit (on mastectomy side) is swollen underneath and coming round to the front a bit. Very like when it was swollen straight after my op. Saw gp who had a brief look and said it was fatty tissue, he didn’t think I needed referring back to breast clinic. Didn’t feel happy with his thoroughness so saw another gp who immediately said I need referring! She did say she couldn’t feel any lumps, my scar looks good so she was a bit baffled, hence the referral. it doesn’t hurt, it isn’t inflamed, it’s not firm, it feels very much like extra fat or fluid (although not squishy).


im worried out of my mind that it’s come back, I’m waiting for my referral to come through but I’m in such a state my hubby said I can call tomorrow to see about going private.

In the meantime I really just wondered if anyone else has experienced similar or has any ideas? Sorry for the long post, never was good at cutting a long story short!! I’m 45 by the way. Thank you xx