Swollen face, coincidence or connected??

I had my surgery last Thursday 12th WLE and SNB and yesterday my eye and face on the same side started to swell. I am now resembling the Elephant Man and wondered if anyone else has had similar and it is somehow connected or something totally different. Any advice?

Hi Judimann
I think it would be a good idea to go to your GP, in case you have an infection. I had the same op as you and a day or so after went down with an ear infection and swollen gland in my neck. It wasn’t related to the op but I think the worry and the stress of diagnosis and then the op does hit your immune system. It’s quite understandable that we worry that everything is connected to the BC, paranoia goes with it! Get checked out and be gentle on yourself. Xx Francine

I agree you should get checked. I have had the same op and i would have got it checked if that had happened. it could be connected to the op or it could be coincidence but no point in suffering when antibiotics will clear it or something. Come back and update us x

Thank you ladies for your replies. The swelling has gone down from this morning so hoping it’s going to be ok. If it gets any worse I will go to out of hours if not I will get checked first thing Monday once GP is open. I am hoping it is maybe just stress related as I am starting to worry about full results on Friday xx

Ah yes the waiting, the worse thing. Time slows down in the BC world, think it’s a wobble in the space/time continuum - oops too much Star Trek??! We all have experienced the nerve jangling waiting for results and appts. Only cake, cocktails and a good snivel makes it bearable, eh Mollianna! Love to all. X Francine

Do you think it could be an allergic reaction? Maybe try an antihistamine and see if that helps? I am glad it’s better tho.
I am waiting for results too. It’s crap but you do need to find a way to get through it xx

I tried antihistamine yesterday but unfortunately didn’t work. Cake and cocktails do sound nice, may send hubby to shop and indulge once kids are in bed. It is Saturday night after all. As for snivels I think they would only make me look worse ha ha. Judith xx

Definitely indulge! ???x

Donna thanks for advice but swelling has gone totally today although it has left me with very dry skin where it was swollen. I will keep this in mind just in case it was to happen again. Judith xxx