swollen feet?

Just wondering if anyone else has suffered swollen feet with FEC? its not the normal fluid retention around the ankles that you get in hot weather, long flights etc but on the actual foot around the toes? Worse on one foot that the other and does go down a little overnight. Not painful, just stiff, and am wondering if its a common side effect or something Im blaming on the evil chemo when its unrelated!!!
thanks in advance people!
karen xx

Hi Karen

I’ve had swollen toes on Taxotere and Taxol (but not on FEC).

Is FEC all you are having?

Mine feels weird, but not painful.



Hi Bahons2
Yes, just FEC. Swollen toes too - as you say, not painful just weird - stiff!
Your treatment all finished? if so, congrats!!!
Karen xx

Had my last Tax 2 weeks ago and the side effects are brutal. My left foot is expecially swollen but all limbs and face are. Numbness and tingling in fingers. Extremely short of breath. Wondering how long these side effects last?
Blessings and prayers to you