Swollen hard boob 5 months after radiotherapy

Hi all. I had my op in Jan 22 followed by 2 weeks of radiotherapy in March 22. I was left with a seroma under my armpit which I was told by my BC nurse would go down naturally which may take up to a year. A couple of days ago I noticed my breast is swollen, pinker and feels hard around where my surgery was done. Is this normal 5 months after radiotherapy? Anything I can do to reduce the swelling? Thanks all

Hi , sorry you have issues , so long after radiotherapy and your op probably not connected to your treatment although  my boob has felt hard around the surgery site ever since my op  ( 7 years ago now ).  sounds like something you should get checked out with your breast care nurse on Monday or maybe call 111 for advice tomorrow if you are really worried .

@GatehouseJ  I have had a similar experience I’m afraid. My surgery was in August last year and RT in October. 

I went to see the consultant in March because I was worried about the hardness of my breast and he said it does sometimes happen and can take many mo the to get back to normal. 

Now, over 10 months since RT my breast is back to normal except around the scar, which like yours, is almost under my arm. 

I had a check up recently and was told it is quite normal and not to worry.  

hang on in there!