Swollen implant!

I am 6 months post Mx and reconstruction + axillary clearance. Treatment is tamoxifen only. I was doing really well, but noticed that my “boob” had become painful, red and swollen. I saw my BCN today who took pictures to show consultant, and said its possibly a build up of lymphatic fluid.The consultant will see picture to decide wheteher he needs to see me or not. Anyway, my question is…Is there ANYTHING I can to to alleviate the pain? I am taking strong painkillers and they aren’t touching it! Would ice help…any suggestions would be welcome, just so I can get more than 2 hours sleep x

Hi girlie, sorry to hear you are in pain this far after surgery :frowning:
My surgeon said an emphatic NO to ice when I had post surgery swelling, because of lymphodema risk.
I’m afraid I can’t offer any further advice. Perhaps the mastitis/breastfeeding remedy of chilled Savoy cabbage leaves?