Swollen legs/feet after chemo has finished


I was wondering if anybody had suffered from severe swollen legs/feet after their chemo had finished and how they dealt with it.

I had my last chemo 3 weeks ago and didn’t suffer with this throughout although I did suffer with a bloated stomach.

Well with my consultants blessing I came on holiday to Cyprus on Tuesday night. Well yesterday my feet/ legs really swelled , I did wear dvt socks on the flight and kept hydrated and did leg excercises while I was sat and no issues.that night.

Could it be a delayed reaction?? I’ve tried to rest up and elevate legs and even slept with my dvt socks on last night. Seem a little better today.

Im not sure what else I can do and should I be concerned!!!


Gaynor x

Hi Gaynor

I hope that the leg issues have eased and that you have had/are having a really great holiday.  If you have any questions, do please give our Support line a call, 0808 800 6000.

Best wishes
Digital Community Officer