Swollen lips

Hi has anyone  suffered swollen lips. I am currently  taking  letrozol  brand sun pharmacy. Been on it approximately 5 weeks and gave suffered swollen lips and skin rash  for over 3 weeks. Its really  getting  me down .

Hi levens

I’ve had mouth problems with my primary chemo and now my secondary (capecitabine).  It is just my top lip- it seems to swell up inside and makes me lisp as well as looking horrid (it pulls my upper lip into a straight line). It comes and goes, gets worse with drinks like tea, and my oncologist has never taken it seriously because, in the grand scheme of things, it’s less important. I just wish it would happen when I have a clinic appointment and he could see and hear it because it really pisses me off but no, it always behaves on clinic day!

I would ring your breast care nurse and check with her. What you describe is like a mild allergic reaction.It may be a change of brand will help. It may be your oncologist will want to see you to assess the ‘damage’. Is it listed as a potential side effect? Personally, anything different in my book needs checking out by an expert.

Good luck (but I’m relieved to find someone else mentioning the problem) xx