Swollen lymph nodes and pain in breast

I am 20 years old and over a year ago discovered a lump in my underarm/ side of breast. I was sent for an ultrasound and told everything was fine so was relieved as the lump wasn’t painful, now over a year later another lump has come up in my breast and the other lump remains. I started getting pain in my left breast so went to the doctors and she told me that actually my scan showed up that I had a swollen lymph node and she gave me an anti biotic as she thought I had an Infection, the pain persisted so I went on to be given another 4 different types of anti biotic and strong anti inflammatories but the pain persisted so I was referred to my hospital breast clinic where the doctor there told me he thought the contraceptive injection I was on was causing the pain etc because of the hormones so I was advised to come off it and wait 3 months and he Deffo garunteed the pain etc would all settle, well 4 months later here I am awaiting another ultrasound because the pain hasn’t settled, the pain has become so bad and now has spread to my other breast and I have lots more lumps/ swollen lymph nodes. I’m in so much pain and I’m so worried because it’s been left untreated so long and it’s got worse not better, even on the strongest anti inflammatory the Dr prescribed hasn’t helped and I’m now taking 3000 mg of evening primrose oil too daily. I feel I’m going in circles as I’ve already had an ultrasound but they didn’t bother to investigate why I had swollen lymph nodes and now things have gotten so bad. I’m an emotional wreck and my boobs are so sore at times the pain is excruciating it has me in tears. I keep getting told it’s nothing to worry about but that’s so hard to believe right now ?

Hi I was just wondering how you are I’m 28 and in the same boat at moment. If u want to chat I’m here xx

Hey thank you just in a lot of pain and getting annoyed with all the waiting around. What has your gp said about your situation ? Xx

My gp looked very worried. I went in last July with it and the gp on duty made me feel stupid. Now it’s more like a grape and the boob on it is achy and looks different. Xx

I have breast clinic on Tuesday.x

things are so painful at mo I feel it’s unfair waiting around all the time, I’ve got my ultrasound for 15th March so I’m hoping to get answers and not just told I’ve got swollen lymph nodes again which I already know. I know cancer is unlikely in young ages so they say but I feel it shouldn’t be judged by age, I believe we can get any illness at any stage or age of life and I’m not one to have a gp etc tell me otherwise so here’s hoping to some answers soon xx

That first gp I seen last July was awful and made me feel like a fraud. When I mensioned at at another appointment thurs just past my normal gp was very worried and did tha refferal straight away she told me she didn’t like the feel of it. (Huge lymph and thickening between breast and armpit) gonna be along wait till Tuesday but it’s a one stop clinic so should have an ide of what’s going on by tues pm. I agree keep pushing. I’m only 28 but judging by gp reaction I should have been taken seriously xx

Hope all is good news for you , it’s not nice having someone make you feel like your being silly. We women know our own bodies and we know when something’s not right or when something’s different xx

It’s horrible. My boob has changed so much in the last few weeks I feel like a hypracondriac. Horrible. Xx

Hi lilmissmunn, did they not take any biopsies of your swollen lymph nodes when you originally went to the breast clinic? Xx

Nope just got told it would probably get better when I came off injection and it hasn’t so now awaiting an ultrasound xx

Going back to over a year ago when this all started the breast clinic referred me back to gp and didn’t tell me about swollen lymph nodes as they weren’t causing any trouble, it’s only few months ago my gp told me they found them ages ago but for some reason I was never informed which has made me really cross x