Swollen lymph nodes in armpit

Hi ladies I’m desperately trying to get an answer so have posted this in another section too. Hope it’s ok and someone can answer.

Ok I cant seem to find an answer to this on Dr.Google so can anyone help? I have been referred to breast clinic for my right breast. Today I have been getting similar but much less painful plains in my left breast but my main worry is I have found a small lump under my armpit on my left arm (opposite side to breast in question). does this underarm lump mean problems with my other breast now or could it still be related to my right breast?
I really hope that all made sense lol.

I had swellings in my armpits and elsewhere after a particularly nasty case of Flu in March-3 months on from BC Dx.  The CS noticed them at a followup appointment and biopsied them on the spot, and the results all came back clear.  This is not the last word- the Sentinal Node Biopsy will be the last word and I won’t have that until my op which will be after chemo and I am 4/6 way through that.  Hope this helps.