Swollen mastectomy scar

Hi looking for some reassurance had mastectomy feb 18 and year later had good boob removed for symmetry as no reconstruction wanted mammogram feb all clear mastectomy all clear thank goodness but last month chest has swollen and feels really hard but squishy looks like small boob regrown got to go for scan Thursday really concerned anyone else had this? Surely cancer doesn’t grow that quick or can it xxxx

Hi Pam, congrats on getting through your treatment. Personally I would be contacting the hospital as you sound very uncomfortable. They are the experts, and the sooner you get it checked out then the sooner you will be reassured. If it has all been removed then I can’t see that this would be anything untoward  except a nasty post op situation.  Unfortunately cancer can reoccur, but not normally in the exact same place. Do phone the hospital though. Best wishes. X