Swollen neck node, after ok scan. Flu jab?

Help ladies. I was first diagnosed in March 07, had mast, 8 out of 13 node involvement. FEC x 4 then Taxotere X 4 and 4 weeks of rads. 10 months later swollen nodes in armpit, had them removed, cancer was back. All felt it was local reoccurance as nodes close to primary site and not in axilla. After much stress scan came clear 2 weeks ago. Now due tomorrow to have portocath, and chemo thurs ok with both.

Had flu jab on Friday, sat the lymph node in my neck by collar bone is swollen on the jab side and I feel a bit rough. It can’t possibly be cancer up there can it, so soon after clear scan??? I am scared witless (yet again)



Hi Nikki

It is very possibly linked to the flu jab but as always if you are concerned speak to the Onc before your treatment. This is a terrible disease and can at times appear to move quickly, you said you had a scan but not which type sometimes these things don’t show in all types of scans - My BC only showed on the MRI !!! Whatever the outcome the treatment you are lined up for is what they would probably give you even if it has spread (which I cross my fingers for you hasn’t). Hope all goes well with the portocath, and the chemo on thurs
Take Care

Hi Helen

thanks for your reply, much appreciated. I had portcath put in yesterday, asked the sugeon if she could see anything when she went in to grap a sample, as she was in that area. She couldn’t see anything obvious, so couldn’t get a sample. It’s all swollen in that area now from the surgery, so can’t tell if what it is! Wll just get on with chemo on Thursday and hope this wasn’t the cancer I guess. Scan was CT, which showed not a blip of problems, 2 week seems awful quick, but I am sure you know how the mind scares the living bejeezus out of the sensible side of us.

Best wishes

hi i hope things go well. i was wanting to ask something i have a thickning like lump on collar bone, i had b cancer 9 yrs ago, i do not know weather i should do anything or what it should feel like i had lumpectomy and radiation i did not have any nodes removed but i was worried if this could be some kind of cancer back i had mamo and they did not even look at my breast and i have a pgment change and my nipple is turnning white and breast is hard now not much left of it and i had DCIS,LCIS and hormonal receptor i had hyst after can you help i asked on here but do not know what to do…thanks so much .joney

Hi preetywoman53!

You MUST go to your GP and get this checked out a.s.a.p. This may not be cancer at all - but you are not going to know until a doctor investigates it. You might be worrying for no reason - but find out and then you will know what you are dealing with.

hi and thanks i go tommorrow to check it out with my female doctor take care joney

Hi Joney

Sorry didn’t see this, been away from forum for a while. As redders said, everything that feels ‘different’ must be checked, out. We do not need to be heroes, we do not need to stick our heads in the sand, we need to put us first, always.

I do hope you got your appt quickly and all is well for you.

Best wishes


Hi Nikki - hope you are feeling a bit brighter hope the chemo is going OK - has the swelling gone down much???

Hi Joney - hope all goes well with the GP - make sure she refers you back to the breast clinic for investigation don’t take any I am sure its OK come back in a month rubbish there are very few checks that they can do in the surgery that will really put your mind at rest. Let us know how you get on - fingers crossed and big hugs


Hi Helen, 1 down, 5 to go!!!

It’s scary starting a new treatment and waiting to feel what the effects may be, the thing I am most grateful for, no pain!! Which I struggled with really badly on Taxotere with the Nulasta’s. Went back to work today on short days and taking weds off to give me a break but love my job so just happy to get back into the office. Though this is the low week and guess what, yup, ever buggar has a cold a cough a sneeze etc etc. Ah well, what will be will be.

As for the swollen node, I pointed it out the morning of my op to the BCN she had a feel and suggested I ask the surgeon to get a sample if she was near. My sugeon put the portocath in, and had to use the interior jugular, right over the node, but said she didn’t see it so couldn’t get any sample. Having problems with portocath not working (on another thread) so, long and short is the tube into my vein runs over the top of the node, there is now scar tissue over it and it’s a little swollen there still, but can feel it, I think.

BCN did say not to worry too much as it was soft, but it’s easy for her to say not to worry really. I guess nothing I can do cept keep an eye on it and ask my onc to have a feel. It’s hard to not get paranoid and feel lumps under that armpit too, keep telling myself to stop being so b****** stupid lol

Thanks for asking Helen, appreciate it :slight_smile: