Swollen stomach and back pain

Hi all been a while since I’ve been here but not sure where else to turn.

Recently my stomach is really swollen and bloated. I look like I’m pregnant. And my back aches like mad.
Been to the gp who oder ed bloods but ive had lots of previous blood tests and found nothing.

What else should I ask for at my next appointment?

R u on Tamoxifen?Can stimulate ovarian cysts ?Ask for ultrasound of abdomen .Hope you get some answers soon.Jill.

Hi Jill

Thanks for replying. Yes im on tamoxifen. 6 years this year.

Just feels like forever waiting for results and next gp appt. I start a new job next week so wont look good if I’m off work again.

Sarah x

Your health is more important than what they think at new job,if you have to take time off ,you have to take time off.Hope it is something straight forward.

You know you have protection under disability legislation now after having cancer treatment ,you should ask for referral to Occupational Health.

What type of surgery did you have? It might be lymphodema in your trunk area caused by your lymph system being ‘knackered’ in surgery. They don’t seem to understand it here, but it can be very uncomfortable. I have it and I can be a size 14 in the morning and 16/18 by night. However I did have pretty major surgery. It’s worth looking into for you though? Hand and arm lymphodema is very common - i don’t have it at all, but my trunk and back are definitely affected. I wear a compression vest and it helps a bit. Some physios are trained on a specialist form of massage for lymphodema if this happens to be the cause and I believe this can be very relieving for some with this diagnosis. Good luck I hope you get to the bottom of it.