Swollen under arm

I feel my left under arm has recently swollen 2/3 days back not sure when exactly. It feels soft and swollen and painful.

 I don’t find it lumpy but there is a visible swelling. I am worried. Did anyone face similar situation? Please help. Any answers appreciated. 

Hi there,

I had the same feeling under my arm in November with very little swelling if any and did visit my doctor who referred me for a mammogram and X Ray. I had a biopsy as calcifications were found which revealed early treatable and curable Ductal Carcinoma in Situ. Fast forward to now, I’ve had surgery, a mastectomy only my left breast plus immediate reconstruction. I’m so grateful I went to the doctors as the swollen feeling was there but very slight, it just felt not right. I really felt it could just be hormonal!!! Go go go get checked please, chances are it’s nothing but if it is you’ll be relieved to know you acted on it as soon as possible. As scary as it sounds, it’s the reason I’m here now and did not need any further treatment after life changing surgery. Let me know how you get on… Sending hugs x