Swtiching Radiologists, Hospitals....Midstream

I know we are in two diff continents…but this is a problem that applies to all.

History - Had chemo (4 A/C and 2 Tax); Tax not working, moved on to surgery. Mod Rad Mastectomy on July 9th; one breast removed, plus 10 lymph nodes, 1 positive. Onward now to Rads.

Radiation started in late August, with the medical director of the radiation oncology department, Dr. P. He wants me to have 35 session. Did mapping, tattooing, and have had 12 sessions.

And I am ready to switch both radiologists and hospitals. This doctor does not ever have time to talk, not even in our weekly exams. There never seems to be time; he asks if I have questions, but then rushes about. It feels as though he is going through the motions. He also is the only Rad onc I’ve seen there…it is not a group.

The recommended med for skin is aloe vera. It doesn’t seem to moisturize and its tacky to put on. I’ve been using it 2x a day, instead of 3x a day, since it has to be dried. I put it on in the morning when I get up, blow dry it so I can put clothes on, and then use it again at night after a shower.

Did a bit or research on creams and found Biafine RE, specifically made for radiation therapy. Found a clinical trial on the benefits of Biafine RE vs Aloe Vera (pure stuff, no alcohol). I’d hinted at it before, which was brushed off. Yesterday, I brought it to our weekly med exam yesterday, he looked insulted that I would even think of using something else. He left my printed article on the desk. No comment.

Today, the nurse paged him to discuss it with me. As I asked about his views on Biafine, he talked to the nurse about how he had never prescribed it. He wound up googling it. That horrified me. I am trusting this man with my life so I’m not fried and he is googling a drug? He insists I use gel, not a cream, because thats what “radiologists” use.

This can’t be normal. Is it too much to ask to be able to talk with my doctor? It is my life after all. Both my surgeon and onc were very approachable and welcomed questions or thoughts. Both the surg and onc recommended this man. They are excellent doctors – so I thought he would be too.

I’d like to be able to talk with the radiologist onc in the same way. Does this sound unreasonable to you?


there’s been no proper research on what if anything works on radiation burns, in my opinion it makes no difference whether you put anything on or not. My doctors said under no circumstances to use aloe vera so I used it anyway. I was told aqueous cream only, unless they prescribed something different. Within 3 weeks of ending radiation I was fine even though my skin burned like mad during radiation. I sat around topless quite a bit.

Loads of stuff they do is based on common sense, not on scientific testing so do what you like would be my feeling but don’t bother to have rows, I had them and they waste a lot of time - unless of course you get rid of your anger through them, maybe that’s why I swore at them so much


Thanks - you are correct. On the drive to Radiology today from work, I decided to ask to see Dr. P again. We talked and I tried to make a new start with him. I will not be switching and he did finally understand that I needed a cream vs a gel and prescribed Silver Sulphadiazine for me to try over the weekend. I am also getting another cream, Sween Cream. We will see. Either way, I feel we are back on track.

It doesn’t seem that changing midstream would be helpful, probably hurtful.