SYD985 Trial



I’ve just had cycle three of SYD985, a chemo primarily aimed at heavily pre-treated HER2+ patients, being trialled by Synthon.  I know that there aren’t many people on the trial but wondered if anyone on the forum is also involved.


No, have heard nothing about it. But it isnt an option for me. How are you feeling tho, is it going well?

you must be due for an mri or other soon? Do keep us updated. moijanxx

Hi Historygirl, I have just started this trial 1st cycle last week. Not had any side effects yet apart from a little tiredness. How are you coping with it so far and any positive results?

Hi, I’ll be having my 10th cycle later this week. I’ve had quite severe hair thinning and, more recently, problems with my eyes. I did have quite bad fatigue but that seems to have eased over the past few cycles. I had slight shrinkage of my lung mets. Next CT scan on Friday. Best of luck with your treatment. Can I be nosey and ask where you are being treated? xx

Have been warned about the eyes and have been booked to have them tested at regular intervals. My consultant did say some people have had to stop the trial because of problems with the eyes, but they don’t give you any more details than that. I’m being treated in Oxford. Sounds like you are getting some results from the treatment ? Let’s hope it continues for everyone on the trial xx

Hi Historygirl, how are things going for you on this trial? I’ve had a couple of episodes of conjunctivitis with the last 2 cycles. 1st results from my ct scan showed a very small reduction of my liver mets. The last scan showed no change, so a bit apprehensive as to whether it’s stopped working or just keeping it at bay. My scan also showed some fluid on both lungs, though they don’t think there’s any spread, they’ll keep monitoring it. They’ve also done a tumour marker test just to make sure. Hope it’s all still going well for you x