Symptoms during Chemotherapy....

Hi what symptoms are you getting during Chemotherapy treatment and how have you treated them? After my first chemo 04.09.15 I got cold like symptoms and now I have a sore mouth ? I’m brushing my teeth more and rinsing my mouth with mouthwash all throughout the day but still sore… taken paracetamol too. I also getting lots of aches and pains and feel pretty crap.


what chemo are you on?

Are you having daily injections too? They give me really bad cold symptoms and aches but this time round (3rd FEC now going onto 3x T stating on Friday) I did actually get a cold and a nasty cough.

My mouth went all wrinkly. That’s the only way I can explain the texture of my gums and roof of my mouth. It began peeling like when you’ve burnt your mouth on hot pizza. I’ve generally stuck with Bonjela as although it stings a bit it sorted out the soreness really quickly.

Ive had cystitis too from an irritated bladder so all told I’ve had two loots of antibiotics so far. Any niggle it is worth speaking with your GP. They are really accommodating where I am and can usually get an appointment within an hour or two. It saves sitting in A&E for hours on end. I haven’t actually found my BCN to be very helpful. Actually haven’t heard from her since my diagnosis meeting so I tend to rely on my GP.

The first two cycles I bounced back really quickly and was back at work within a few days. This cycle though I have struggled to get going at all. I am sleeping about 12 hours a day (not all at once though) Just talking each day as it comes… Isn’t that all we can do?


I am currently having EC chemo at the moment. Hmm it seems like you are having a lot of symptoms that sound not nice Clare. Very lucky you can go back to work. I was diagnosed in August 2015 and have been off sick from work since then. Each day is completely different and a new experience. I hope you better soon Clare thank you for your experience you shared x