Symptoms gone then back? Please help!

Hey there. So, last July I started having some left breast pain (felt like bruising) along with a irritated feeling arm and shoulder. My breast also had this prickly/itchy feeling. My doc did a physical exam and thought that breast felt a little different than the right one, so ordered a mammogram. My mammogram came back clear and a few weeks later, all my symptoms disappeared. This was in August. Oh and the only thing my mammogram showed was dense breasts. 

So, for the past 6 months, I have had zero issues. Now suddenly, my shoulder is inflamed feeling again, and my prickly sensation is back in my left breast. I also occasionally get a little armpit pain.

What do you make of this? I am so anxious my mammogram didn’t catch something. But would I get a six month span with no symptoms if it was cancer? I am really at a loss. Any advice would be appreciated.

I am an absolute wreck with worry. 

HI there,

Breast Cancer can’t come and go (without treatments), 6 months with no symptoms and all disappearing, then reappearing, isn’t possible. Breast cancer continues growing, at different rates but it keeps growing, so if it was giving symptoms those symptoms would have been worsening during these 6 months. This is borne out by your clear mammogram also, that there was no BC.

So, as for what could be causing it, I’m afraid that I can’t imagine. Could it be something as simple as a bra that doesn’t fit well (underwired) ? Something physical you are doing - exercises, something rubbing ? A repetitive movement ? Sitting or holding something in a strange way and trapping nerves ? You could ask the advice of your GP again - but it sounds like you could monitor yourself and as its disappeared once before then it might again quite soon.

I’m a non-medic, if you have concerns about your health then of course always contact a proper medic, but I can’t logically see that this is anything worrying.