Symptoms of Brain Mets?


I have had a pretty continous ‘tension’ type headache, nauseau (not vomiting) and now numbness on one side of my face. It started about 8 days ago. I had gone back to exercise classes after a very long absence and at first put it down to that but I havent done a class for the last few days and it hasnt gone away.

I know this ticks a lot of the boxes for brain mets so I’m now terrified. I’m trying to convince myself its a virus! I have an annual check up with my radiologist on Weds 23rd so will ask him if it hasnt gone by then.

I was just wondering if anyone who has brain mets can say what symptoms (if any) they had initially.

I finished all treatment June 2008. I’m triple negative so no other treatment. I had no node involvement but was grade 3.

Thank you